Anyone can register a non- profit on LBD by signing up for an account and providing relevant information with regards to their charitable cause and key details and requirement for help and support

A dedicated team of experts at LBD will review and evaluate each registry to ensure they are eligible organizations serving individuals/community in need

Upon qualification, registered non-profits can set up and share information on specific fundraisers as well as to recruit volunteers for different projects on the LBD app

Individuals who sign up to LBD will gain access to information on qualified non-profit opportunities; he/she may get involved by answering to volunteer recruitments based on their availability or making a monetary donation through the app. LBD directly connects the donors to the nonprofits for payment by taking care of the backend so the non-profits can focus on what they do best - serving their community!

Sharing is caring and it doesn’t ring more truth than when it comes to charitable causes. LBD makes it easy to share information on meaningful activities and programs through email and social media posting so that one may extend the “do-good” spirit to his/her peers.